Our Story

Credit: Lucas Tay

 The Idea

Plastic Beach Collections is a sustainable brand which repurposes plastics that would otherwise end up in our oceans. Founder Milo Keranen started by combining her love for the Earth with her passion for art. After surfing, she would collect washed-up plastic on the beaches of Maui. She then made a pair of earrings out of the plastics for herself, then friends and soon for strangers. This passion has flourished into the small batch jewelry and home décor company  it is today. By showcasing these colorful beach plastics through wearable art, Plastic Beach Collections has begun to repurpose a fraction of the 150 million metric tons of plastic that currently float in our oceans.


Our Mission

Plastic Beach Collections is committed to artistically repurposing plastics collected from our oceans while caring for our customers and spreading awareness of plastic pollution.


Minimizing our impact also means minimizing waste from businesses. For this reason, Plastic Beach Collections up-cycles the materials used for packaging items completely by hand. This includes our handmade business cards, jewelry display cards, wrapping paper, and up-cycled bubble wrap. Plastic Beach Collections strives to be a sustainable and completely waste-free business.

  • Great Lakes Business Network

    Customized 20 x 20 in. wave-shaped tapestry for Great Lakes Business Network while they were at the 2023 Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City, Utah. Raffle contestants signed the petition to shut down Line 5 and one lucky winner received this tapestry!

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